2016 Underground Gold Metal Detector Deep Depth Long Range


Product Information

EPX-7500 Long Range King System is an advanced
Metal Detector System utilizing advanced FORWARD
GAUSS technology that is both an audio and visual
detector. This metal detector was first used in the field
in 1984 and the FORWARD GAUSS technology that it
uses has proven to be (by far) the most successful.
This system was originally developed for professional
archeologists and treasure hunters and has been used
on many stations.
The EPX-7500 Long Range King is ‘custom built’ in a
sturdy, hard side, padded case with two locks. The
transmitter is case mounted and includes the ‘Standard
Seven’ elements with selector switch. The system
includes an installed, rechargeable gel cell battery with
charger, transmitting antenna, receiving rods and
receiver with belt clip, headphones and user manual all
inserted into the specially fitted case.
1. Max Detection: 5-50m
2. Detect Range: 100-1000m
3. Rechargeable Battery: Continuous working 48 hours
4. Power: 850mA
5. Frequency: 433Mhz+/-150Khz
6. Inner Storage: EEPROM 16k*8Bit
7. Voltage: 9~12VDC
8. Temperature Range: -40 C~85 C
9. Operating Humidity: 0~95% (non-condensing)
10. Ultrasonic Frequency: 400-3000Mhz+/-150Khz
11. Weight: 14LBS Components:
1.A black case with aluminum trim, a handle and two locks
2.External Battery Port
3.The Belt Receiver
5.Receiving Rods
6.Battery Charger
8.Marker Flags
9.Operators Manual Frequency range:
P.G : 395-943
TIN : 433-1038
COPPER : 472-1132
ALUMINUM : 512-1227
GOLD : 618-1480
JEWEL : 725-1740
SILVER : 831-1999

2016 Underground Gold Metal Detector Deep Depth Long Range finder hunting Pro EPX-7500 50m

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  • Most common frequencies are Gold, Silver, Copper, Placer Gold, Tin, Aluminum and Jewel
  • Detecting Range: 100-1000m
  • Detecting Depth: 5-50m
  • After tracking target, you will have some idea of the identification and the exact pinpoint
  • The face (front) of the transmitter has six LED's (channel indicator lights) across the top. each is labeled for a particular element.