Black Hawk GR-100 Long Range King Detector Series for gold Gem


Product Information

Black Hawk GR-100 is a new generation in 2016, one of the best of what has manufactured the world’s
detectors from distances that are running with Remote Sensing the old model of this device achieved between
2010 and 2014 a large prevalent among prospectors and researchers because everybody that mentioned
long-range devices must talking about GR-100 Which has become the dream of every explorers and search
for historical treasures buried, it works by modern scientific technology which enables it to double capture
treasures and burials during a very short time by the oscilloscope and filtered signals fired by the machine
direction of the folds of the earth at a distance of vertical and horizontal. Proceeded American company
GR DETECTOR on the development and modernization of the capabilities of this device for this product is rare
is always at the top of the modern products scientifically and globally has been issued the second
generation of this device (GR-100 ) with mechanical design modern and comfortable has a big role in the
ease of use of the device and its mobility. GR-100: This device has been producing a new design
is completely different from all other conventional devices and has been synthesized in a literal way to be innovative with a newly efficient and high capacity
service commensurate with all those users of the device, whether an ordinary user or an expert or
companies prospecting and exploration. This device may contain a LED screen to be the first remote
sensing device with a screen. The device is characterized by its small size and ease of use and
speed discovery of the objectives of providing the fuss and effort in the search.

Black Hawk GR-100 Long Range King Detector Series for gold Gem and minerals

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