Bounty Hunter 4 inch Gold Nugget Search Coil


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While a standard coil is great for finding large objects that are deeply buried, the 4-inch coil has a narrower field of detection ¿ enabling your detector to separate objects more efficiently. The 4-inch coil’s shallower detection area makes it ideal for prospecting in difficult, high metal areas since it allows you to more easily discriminate valuable objects from refuse. In addition to allowing the precise pinpointing of objects, a smaller coil lets you probe tight spots such as corners and crevices.

Price: $34.80

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  • 4-inch metal detector search coil
  • Compatible with all Bounty Hunter detector models
  • Smaller coil design helps discriminate between valuable metals, iron and trash
  • Fits into tight quarters and handles tricky terrain
  • Waterproof coil for wetland use
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Bounty Hunter 4 inch Gold Nugget Search Coil