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Incredibly easy to use and designed with advanced material discrimination features, the Discovery 1100 metal detector by Bounty Hunter is great for finding coins, metals, relics and more. Combing the beach or searching in the backyard, the unit’s full-digital motion discrimination detector helps you find just what you’re looking for. Three-tone audio target identification as well as 3-segment depth and target indicators let you see what is buried and how deep. Touch-pad all-digital controls and automatic ground balancing make the detector easy for the novice to use while the detector offers plenty of power for more experienced users. Other standard features include a 7-in waterproof, interchangeable coil system, adjustable aluminum stem and padded armrest along with a comfortable handgrip.

Bounty Hunter, BH Discovery 1100 Metal Detect (Catalog Category: Drives-Tape & Removable Media / Tape Libraries)

Price: $156.41

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  • Discriminating Metal Detector gives you a unique sound for different types of metals
  • 3 Mode metal detector
  • 3-Segment target identification
  • 4-Segment depth display
  • Coin-sized objects 6" deep. larger objects up to 2'
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Bounty Hunter, BH Discovery 1100 Metal Detect (Catalog