Bounty Hunter Lone Star Automatic Ground Metal Detector


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The Lone Star is an advanced technology metal detector, designed for a variety of applications including coin shooting, relic hunting, and general purpose detecting. The unit provides target identification and mode in an easy to read LCD display. Standard features include a built-in speaker, headphone jack and adjustable aluminum stem with an ergonomic S-Rod handle and armrest. All this is backed by Bounty Hunters exclusive five-year limited warranty. Touch pad selection along with variable discrimination controls. Five segment digital target identification and three tone audio feedback. Auto-notch for automatic elimination of undesirable objects. Three operating modes for flexibility in different types of hunting. 8″ Coin Depth Detection. 3 Large Object Detection. 2 9-volt Batteries required. Digital Target Identification. Preset Ground Balance. Motion all-metal. Progressive Discrimination. Three-Tone Audio. 8″ Open Waterproof Coil.

Price: $199.69

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  • 8" Interchangeable, Waterproof Search Coil* 3 Modes Of Operation: All-metal, Discrimination & Auto-notch* 3-tone Audio Discrimination* Touch Pad Selection* Sensitivity Control* Detects Coin-size Objects Up To 8" Deep * Larger Objects Up To 3 Ft* .25" Headphone Jack* 5-year Limited Warranty
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Bounty Hunter Lone Star Automatic Ground Metal Detector
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