Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Promo With Free Bag And Pointer (Part


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Quick Draw II Package Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Nylon Carry Bag Pinpointer The Quick Draw II is equipped with a powerful Micro-chip Computer Circuit, which combines with Bounty Hunter’s Technology to offer more features, performance and value than any other detector in its price range. Whether sweeping the search coil ultra fast or ultra slow, the Quick Draw II will detect targets with tremendous accuracy. Digital coin depth indicator tells you how deep to dig Your choice of Variable Notch and Auto Notch Modes Three level iron discrimination for relic hunting Nine segment digital target identification and three tone audio feedback Key Features: 8″ Coin Depth Detection 3′ Large Object Detection 2 9-volt Batteries required motion all-metal Progressive Discrimination Auto Notch System Variable Notch System Three-Tone Audio 8″ Open Waterproof Coil Quick Specs: Analog/Digital Display = Digital | Auto Discrimination = Yes | Auto Notch Filter = No | Headphone Jack = Yes | Target ID = Yes | Waterproof = No

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Promo With Free Bag And Pointer (Part #Qd2Gwp By Bounty Hunter)

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