Camouflage Sharp Shooter Ultra Mag and Treasure Hunter Metal


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These metal detectors actually tell the difference between worthless trash and valuable treasure! Great fun for the whole family. Available: The Treasure Hunter has touch-pad controls and a digital display with depth indicator and target ID. Detects coins to 9″ deep and larger objects to 4-ft. Cabela’s Seclusion 3D camo accents. The Sharp Shooter UlTR Mag has an LCD target ID that enables you to see multiple targets separately. And the depth readout identifies how deep the object is. Three-level iron discrimination makes it easy to detect only the metals selected. Features Treasure Hunter Sharp Shooter UlTR Mag LCD Target Readout LCD Depth Readout Low-Battery Indicator Motion All-Metal Mode No-Motion All-Metal Mode Touch-Pad Selection 2 Modes of Operation 3 Modes of Operation 4 Modes of Operation Discrimination Adjustment Target/Notch System 3-Tone Audio Discrimination 4-Tone Audio Discrimination Sensitivity Adjustment Squelch-Tec Noise Reduction Automatic Ground Balance Smart Track System 3-Level Iron Discrimination 4-Level Iron Discrimination 8″ Open-Face Coil System 7″ Open-Face Coil System

Camouflage Sharp Shooter Ultra Mag and Treasure Hunter Metal Detectors by Bounty Hunter

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  • Can detect coin-sized objects or larger up to 9" deep
  • Motion discrimination metal detector
  • turn on and go operation
  • 4 tone target ID
  • 9 segment digital target ID