Professional Metal Detector Portable Undeground Gold Digger

Features: 1. Volume 2. One-touch auto-turn 3. Ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination 4. Tune control 5. Battery test...

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Fisher 4″ Search Coil – Fits F2 and F4

This is an optional coil for the new Fisher F2 and F4 metal detectors. Price: $33.95

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ELEOPTION MD-5008 Underground Metal Detector Gold Digger

Description: Underground metal detector, adopt advanced technique and attach high quality components which have...

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This MD-3010 II LCD Display metal detector is a useful hobbyist level detector. It has adjustable volume and...

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Kingdetector TX-1001D Pinpointer Handhold Metal Detector for

Product Description: The TX-1001D super hand held metal detector is especially suitable for woodworking, which can...

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OUTAD 730 Pinpointer Metal Detector, Fully Waterproof

Thank you for choosing OUTAD Pinpointer Metal Detector.The simple to use design modern electronics make it easy to...

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TX-1001 KingDetector Hand Held Security Pinpointer Metal

This is a high performance hand held metal detector designed to meet the requirements of the security industry....

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Vibra-iking 730 PI KingDetector HandHeld 100% Waterproof

The Vibra-iking730 Pinpointer metal detector is a miniature version of a primary detector. It’s the only...

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OUTAD MD-4030 Hobby Underground Metal Explorer / Detector with

OUTAD Underground Metal Detector-A perfect search engine on the beach, old castles, old battlegrounds, forests,...

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