EPX10000 metal detector remote underground digital frequency


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Scanner control installation Note: Before the daily operation, the battery must be fully charged! If you do not charge it, the EPX10000 might go wrong.
If abnormal , this may be the first time warning that the battery power is too low and must be charged. If the battery power is charged a whole night,
after that, the battery is still no power, you need to replace the battery or charger, or AC power outlet without electricity.
If the battery is charged,but it is not full of power,you may need to replace the built-in battery. A new fully charged battery can let EPX10000 continue to work about eight hours.
Before turning on the scanner, put the EPX10000 transmitter on the ground, the sensor antenna is connected to the corresponding jacks of the transmitter.
When open the transmitter,never plug the sensor, if doing it, it will cause damage to the machine. Previously used EPX10000 scan,first make all the necessary connections.
1.The sensor is connected to the scanner testing (+) testing (-) on the jack, insert the probe of sensor on the earth
2.The transmit antenna signal transmission is mounted on the corresponding interface
3. with the power key is turned “On / Off” knob, turn on the power. At this time, in the LCD area, power indicator,horizontal trmming,longitudinal trmming indicator lights.
4. at this time, EPX10000 is scanning all selected element . Before starting the detection process, please let it work 3-5 minutes, which will be briefly explained later.
5.after the end of the operation, remember to turn off EPX10000. For ease to use,the instrument requires the use of a smll battery charger is connected to the power line charg instrument.

EPX10000 metal detector remote underground digital frequency synthesis radar finder scanner Gold Silver Copper Lron Nit Gem P G hunter

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  • Inspection depth range: 5-50m. Range of detection100-1000m
  • Select the metal type: Gold P.G, SILVER ,COPPER,LRON ,NIT Gem.Rechargeable battery:8 hours of continuous work
  • Digital frequency synthesis X20PLL,automatic frequency stabilizer,0.1MHz
  • Radar Scans LED Panel,Color LCD display,a resolution of 480 320 pixels
  • 16 bit processor speed,40MIPS -16MHz.32 bit DSS synthesis chip,wave from output