Fisher F2 Metal Detector by First Texas


Product Information

Entry-level metal detector ideal for hunting on the beach or at the ball field, 8-segment visual target ID makes it easy to distinguish trash from treasure, 4-tone audio ID lets you hear target metals; easy-to-read LCD screen, 2-digit numeric display distinguishes between iron, foil, nickel, and other metals, Waterproof 8-inch open frame; operating frequency of 5.8 kHz; weighs 2.6 pounds, 8-segment visual target identification and 4-tone audio i.d. – fast, sensitive target response – 2-digit numeric target value – one-touch pinpoint with numeric depth readout, Coin depth indicator in motion search mode – 8 concentric searchcoil – light weight – only 2.6 lbs including batteries – ergonomic s-handle design, Notch system for accepting or rejecting target categories – includes two 9 volt alkaline batteries, Operating frequency: 5.9 kHz, Recommended for: coin shooting, relic hunting, beach hunting

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