Garrett GTP 1350 Metal Detector


Product Information

You need the GTP 1350 (Garrett’s Graphic Target Profiling) when treasure hunting. It may mean the difference between digging trash and digging treasure. It offers exclusive profiling technology that identifies the size (small, medium, large) of a target on the LCD display. Garrett’s highly rugged 7×10 in. PROformance searchcoil comes with the GTP. This allows you the ability to search deeper and covers more ground per sweep than traditional coils. In summation, The GTP is loaded with many of the same excellent technologies that are featured in Garrett’s elite GTI series. Search Modes: Motion A: Zero Discrimination • Motion B: Coin Discrimination with Visual Target ID Settings

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  • 1-Touch Performance With Proven Capabilities
  • Dynamic Target Size Information¿Small, Medium & Large¿For Excellent Target Id
  • Target Id Features 24-Segment Notch Discrimination
  • Rugged Construction With Battery-Pack Hip-Mount Option
  • Headphone Jack