Holulo Secure Scan Handheld Metal Detector High Sensitivity


Product Information

Holulo  Metal Detector is an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metal nearby. Metal detectors are useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects, or metal objects buried underground. Nowadays, hand held metal detectors have become an important item from the point of view of security operations and procedures.

Specification :

  • Power Type:Battery-Powered
  • DIY Supplies:Electrical
  • With LCD Screen Or Not:Yes
  • Model Number: AR954
  • Detectable Size :5*5*1mm
  • Signal Frequency :13KHz
  • Power :9V Battery (NOT include)
  • Product /Size :80*43*452mm
  • Weight:312g
  • Detectable Distance: : 2.5inch/50mm
  • Detectable sizes:  >2*10mm
  • LED alarm indication
  • Low battery indication
  • Sound alarm indication:  75dB
  • Working Storage temperature: 0~40C / -20~70C

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Holulo Secure Scan Handheld Metal Detector High Sensitivity Wand Security Scanner with Adjustable Sensitivity (Detector AR954)

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  • High sensitivity and fast detecting,High sensitivity even detects small hidden metal objects
  • Sensitivity Adjustment :High/low sensitivity levels, LED lights alert to the detection of metal
  • Detectable Indication: Alarm Buzzer / Vibration / Ear Phone Detecting temperature range is 0 ~ 40℃
  • Powered by one 9V Battery (NOT include) If you need battery ,you can search this ASIN : B076MSDCNQ
  • Object Detectable: Aluminum, copper, iron & rare metals; Applications: In the military, metal detectors can be used to detect metal mines. In the area of security, weapons and committing tools that can be carried around or hidden can be detected. In archeology, the ancient tombs of buried metal objects can be detected and the gold and silver riches and jewelry or other metal products found in ancient tombs can be found. In engineering, can be used to detect buried underground metal, such as pipe