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Fishers most economical hand held metal detector Commercial quality in a hand held detector designed for land and water use. The Pulse 6X is in use by military, law enforcement, commercial, and salvage divers worldwide. The Pulse 6X has the same top quality construction and many of same the features as Fishers top-performing Pulse 8X. The Pulse 6X not only shares the same features as the Pulse 8X, it can be upgraded to the Pulse 8X at any time. No other detector manufacturer offers this type of upgrade feature. The claim-to-fame of this pulse induction metal detector is its ability to ignore mineralization in the environment while maintaining high sensitivity to all metal targets. The Pulse 6X is not affected by highly mineralized salt water, coral, rocks with a high iron content, or magnetic (black) sand; all of which drive conventional detectors crazy . Also, the detection range is unaffected by the medium between the metal detector and the metal target. Performance does not change whether detecting through air, water, silt, sand, orsolid coral. The Pulse 6X comes with all the accessories needed to use the detector on land or dive to 200′ (60 meters) deep. The Pulse 6X detects all metals from coins and jewelry, to anchors and cannons. The diver is alerted to presence of a metal target by both visual readout (shownon the meter) and an audio output (heard in the underwater earphone Powered by an internal 9 volt rechargeable battery

Price: $1,749.95

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  • Corrosion proof PVC handle, Earphone for underwater use, Anodized aluminum handle with telescoping coil shaft and arm rest, AC and DC battery chargers, Hip-mount kit, A spare parts kit, And a J.W. Fishers Search Team hat.
  • J.W. Fishers Pulse 6X Metal Detector
  • Commercial Grade Construction
  • Full Meter Readout
  • Audio Jack with Detachable Headphones
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J.W.Fishers Pulse 6X Metal Detector
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