KingDetector Metal Detector TX-2002 Dual-Use Ultra Pinpointer


Product Information

Detect the hidden metal in sand, caves, grass and so on.
1. Communicates with buzzer and LED light
2. Detection depth, stability
3. True target direction
4. Adjustable sensitivity
5. On/Off button switch
6. Waterproof
7. Low power consumption
8. White LED light (when power is on)
9. Solid construction

KingDetector Metal Detector TX-2002 Dual-Use Ultra Pinpointer Treasure Hunter Gold Finder High Sensitivity Pinpointer

Price: $31.56

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  • The Dual-Use Ultra High Sensitivity Pinpointer is a miniature version of a primary detector.
  • t communicates through sound and lights, has 10cm waterproof detect pole and comes with the belt mountable holster.
  • The modern electronics and simple to use design make locating elusive targets easy in any environment including grass, mud, dirt, sand, black sand, or even in wet place. Also, it can be used in detecting the steel rods and other metal materials in the concrete wall.
  • The detector is versatile and easy to use. Without it during detection, you will waste time and energy.
  • If you want to purchase this metal detector,please check the details below,also you could email us,if you need more information.