KingDetector New Arrival MD-4010 Metal Detector Gold Detecting


Product Information

• Ideal for children and beginners
• STEM education, parent-child activity: Hunt for coins, gold, and other metals
• Lightweight, versatile, easy to operate, comfortable to hold
• Target indicator: Signal volume increases as targets get closer
• Discrimination function: Excludes iron and other undesirable metals.
• Battery testing function: Check battery levels without removing batteries
• Power: 2 x 9V (6F22); Sensitivity: US 5/25, Cent: 110mm; Target Indicators: Audio/Analog; Length: 21.3-31.5 inches; Coil Diameter: 6.5 inches

Product Description:
The Pro Detector MD-4010 is ideal for children and new metal detecting enthusiasts. This versatile metal detector uses signal volume and an analog meter to indicate target proximity, and a discrimination function to eliminate iron and other undesirable materials. Hunting for coins, gold, and other metals has never been easier!

Applications: Science education, parent-child activity, metal detection

1. Target indicator meter measures signal strength and the signal increases in volume as targets get closer
2. Discrimination control
3. Light weight and easy operation
4. Comfortable handling
5. Battery tester included

1. Power: 2 x 9V (6F22)
2. Frequency: 7.12Khz
3. Current: standby, 50mA; max: 78mA
4. Voltage: 18V
5. Sensitivity: US 5/25 Cent: 110mm
6. Indicators: audio signal/analog meter
7. Length: 21.3-31.5 inches
8. Coil Diameter: 6.5 inches
9. Color: Black
10. Weight: 0.9kg
11. Package Weight: 1.2kg
12. Package Size: 15.5*12.5*56cm

KingDetector New Arrival MD-4010 Metal Detector Gold Detecting Machine Treasure Hunting for Beginners Learners

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