KingDetector Pinpointer Green TX-2003


Product Information

This pinpointer is easy to use and convenient to carry. After identifying the presence of a metal object in the ground with a metal detector, pinpointing its exact location, and separating it from the earth, can be difficult and time consuming. With the Pinpointer, retrieving coins and other small metal objects is easy.


1. Power: 9V (6F22)

2. Frequency: 6.8 KHz

3. Current: Standby: 8mA Max: 20mA

4. Voltage: 7-9V

5. Operating Temperature: -5¡æ to +55¡æ

6. Sensitivity: 25 cents: 10mm One coin: 15mm

7. Indication Mode: Sound Mode Vibrate Mode

8. Color: Black/Green

9. Weight: 74g (not include battery)

10. Size: 10 (L) ¡Á1.7 (W) ¡Á1. 4 (H) inches

11. Package Weight: 200g

12. Package Size: 11.5(L) ¡Á 3.2(W) ¡Á 1.7(H) inches

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  • Applications: Treasure hunting, Unearthing small objects
  • 1. Provides precision pinpointing
  • 2. Use side by side with metal detectors to pinpoint exact locations of underground item
  • 3. Pinpoints with probe tip within 1.5"
  • 4. Static operation-no motion required
    5. Requires one 9V battery