KingDetector Staters Beginners MD-3007B Metal Detecting


Product Information

1. Earphone Jack-lets you connect earphones (not supplied) to the detector in
2. View meter and Pointer-shows the probable type of metal being detected and lets
you know when it is time to replace the batteries.
3. Waterproof Search Coil-lets you use the detector’s search coil even if you must
put it under water.
4. Adjustable Stem-lets you adjust the detector’s length for comfortable use.
5. Pinpointing a Target

KingDetector Staters Beginners MD-3007B Metal Detecting Detectors Teasure Gold Hunter Machine for Learners

Price: $62.94

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  • This MD-3007B Underground Metal Detector is a kind of easy using metal detector
  • It can distinguish the ferrous and non-ferrous metal. This metal detector is suitable for the people whose hobby is outdoor adventure and treasure hunting.
  • Its LCD indicator mode caIts mechanical indicator mode and pinpointing0 function can let the users find the hidden metal quickly and easily. Different with MD-3007D metal detector, this metal detector uses hollow search coil.
  • Applications: Outdoor Activity, Security Check, Underground Detection
  • If you want to purchase this metal detector,please check the details below,also you could email us,if you need more information.
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KingDetector Staters Beginners MD-3007B Metal Detecting