Kingdetector TX-1001D Pinpointer Handhold Metal Detector for


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Product Description:
The TX-1001D super hand held metal detector is especially suitable for woodworking, which can detect tiny nails and small metal items hidden in the wood. It owns sound, LED, vibration and laser light indication modes. It has high sensitivity, fast searching speed. The cover is cast with ABS engineering plastic, nice craft and light weight, easy and faddish to be carried. Tx-1001D is not only can be used in woodworking, but also is widely used in security check, detecting knives, metal objects and dangerous mails.
Woodworking, Home Decoration, Court, Prison, Subway etc..
1. Two Detecting Modes: Sound & Vibration
2. Laser-Line Visual Indication: Find Hidden Nails in Wood
3. Sensitivity Adjuster: Adjust Sensitivity Easily
4. Rechargeable Battery: Charge the Metal Detector
5. Woodworking & Security Check: Find Nails & Small Metal Items
1. Power: 9V (6F22)
2. Frequency: 15.5 KHz
3. Current: Standby: 10mA
Max: 60mA
4. Voltage: 7.5-9V
5. Sensitivity: 25 cent: 60mm
One coin: 80m
6. Indication Mode: Sound Mode
Vibrate Mode
LED Mode
Laser-Line Indication
7. Color: Black
8. Weight: 250g (not include battery)
9. Package Weight: 0.99LB
12. Package Size: 16.73″ * 4.13″ * 2.16″ inch

Kingdetector TX-1001D Pinpointer Handhold Metal Detector for Woodworking Portable Security Scanner Wand with Adjustable Sensitivity

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