KingDetector Upgraded Hobby MD-9020C Underground Metal


Product Information

1. Fully Automatic and All Metal Detectors
2. LCD
3. Display
4. Panel Surface Abrasion Resistance
5. High Brightness LED Flashlight
6. Mode
7. Target Identity
8. Unwanted Target Elimination
9. Unique Tone for Target
10. No Clumsy Slack Cable
11. Speaker
12. Headphone Jack
13. Volume Control
14. Batteries Condition Indicator
15. Waterproof Search Coil
16. Adjustable Stem
17. Armrest & Stem

KingDetector Upgraded Hobby MD-9020C Underground Metal Detectors Treasure Hunter Gold Finder

Price: $139.99

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  • This MD-9020C LCD Underground Metal Detector owns a patented LCD display technology
  • It can do accurate target, item pinpointing and adjust detecting mode. This metal detector can be applied to do outdoor adventure, relique detection etc.
  • Its LCD display can help the user to detect metal at night. With this powerful and versatile device, you can hunt for coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and silver just about anywhere.
  • To obtain maximum performance, the detector is versatile and easy to use with LCD.
  • If you want to purchase this metal detector,please check the details below,also you could email us,if you need more information.
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KingDetector Upgraded Hobby MD-9020C Underground Metal