Lightweight Beach Diving Sand Scoop Garrett Metal Detecting


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Scoob will be shipped via international registered airmail with online tracking!Delivery time to USA and Canada 7-14days. Stainless Steel Metal Detecting & Diving Universal Scoop Unique scoop. Has holes 10 mm. Best for small ancient coins and finest jewelry Stainless steel sheet metal (not the magnet): Argon welding seam!!! This is a heavy duty Metal Detecting sand scoop made from Stainless steel sheet metal. A super heavy duty disign with great welding. Check out the picture of where the handle is attached to the scoop, this will last forever. Made in Ukraine

Lightweight Beach Diving Sand Scoop Garrett Metal Detecting Stainless Steel 1.5mm

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  • Lightweight stainless steel (not the magnet) model for working in the surf
  • Lenght: 11,8 Inches / 30 cm.
  • Width: 5,12 Inches / 13 cm. Weight: 1,98 Lb / 0,9 kg
  • Hole 0,4 Inches / 10 mm. All of the holes were individually counter sunk on both sides. It's improves the sand seeping.
  • Internal pipe size for handle: 1.22 Inches / 31 mm