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You’ve seen this metal detector in every security guard’s hand. Isn’t it time you protect your business too? Gold Digger Security Wand detects all types of metal and is so powerful, it can find a quarter at a distance of 2 inches! We live in perilous times. That’s why equipping your business, warehouse, nightclub, etc. with this powerful metal detector, built to meet the stringent requirements in the security industry, is a smart decision. It’s ideal for finding concealed weapons and is a great way to deter theft of company property. You can even use it as a treasure-hunting device! Features audio and LED alerts, multi-level audio for different metal sizes and 3.5mm head-phone jack. 9V battery not included. 16.3L.

Price: $57.41

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  • Lightweight design and comfortable handle
  • Sensitive enough to detect a handgun or knife(about 0.1 kg or smaller)
  • With two Indicators
  • Low power consumption,environmental friendly
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