Minelab 3704-0107 X-Terra 305 Universal Battery Powered Metal


Product Information

The X-TERRA 305 is the solid, no-nonsense introduction to the new generation Minelab X-TERRA Series. It’s a lightweight, easy-to-use coin- and treasure-hunting detector designed for the hobbyist who does not want or need the top of the range machine. The X-TERRA 305 is suitable for the whole family and there is even a short shaft available for keen youngsters. Despite being ultra-lightweight and so easy to use, there is no compromise on quality or performance. Minelab’s designers used innovative, lateral thinking and the very latest in digital components to design the X-TERRA Series of detectors. The X-TERRA 305 is now packed with new features, functionality and enhanced settings options. This detector delivers results, value and more, in fact some might think that they made it too good. This no-nonsense detector is perfect for those seeking a high-performance entry-level detector.

Minelab 3704-0107 X-Terra 305 Universal Battery Powered Metal Detector

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  • True Digital VFLEX technology 6 accessory coil options Accurate Ground Balance capability