Minelab 3706-0117 X-Terra 705 Dual Pack Metal Detector


Product Information

The ultimate in all-purpose detecting, the X-TERRA 705 offers the ultimate detecting experience. Capitalising on the versatility of the range, the X-TERRA 705 can be used for gold prospecting as well as for coin and treasure hunting, simply by switching between available pre-programmed modes. Thanks to Coin and Treasure and Gold Prospecting Modes, you get a gold detector plus coin, treasure and relic detector, all in one. Across diverse detecting conditions and in the toughest environments, the X-TERRA 705 delivers optimal performance with ease. An all-purpose detector capable of all types of detecting, from coin and treasure to relic, beach and gold prospecting. The versatility of this detector makes it, without question, the leading detector in this category. The specialised Prospecting Mode has improved sensitivity making the detector more sensitive to small target signals. The high-frequency Double-D coils offer advantages, as they are adept at handling these conditions.

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  • VFLEX technology Compatible with low-, mid- and high-frequency coils 4 preset detecting patterns