Minelab E-trac Metal Detector with Accessories


Product Information

Get 28 Deep Detecting Frequencies in One Amazing Detector! Wow! Minelab has done it again, they’ve produced an outstanding Multiple Frequency metal detector having 28 frequencies all operating at the same time peering into the ground, hunting and finding silver and gold coins, diamond rings, gold wedding rings, jewelry, gold, lost and buried treasures of all kinds! If it’s valuable and in the ground or in shallow water the E-Trac will “search and find” treasures missed by other detectors. Picture 28 metal detectors all in one box at the same time finding valuable treasures just for you! Using Minelabs exclusive patented FBS (Full Band Spectrum) technology you get more for your money with features like Smartfind and Quickmask that tune out junk metals while you only hear and dig good (valuable) targets, Pinpointing that tells you exactly where to dig, a large meter that tells you what you found and how deep it is in the ground, plus automatic features that make this metal detector easy to tune and easy to use. E-Trac with brand new technology brings a new advantage to metal detecting that can be used by experts, advanced detectorists, and also first time buyers. Important to remember – E-Trac Comes Ready To Hunt Treasures! Includes: Pro Deluxe Large Carrying Bag with Pocket. Razor Edge Gator Digger w/sheath. Gator S-30 Shovel. Alkaline AA 1.5 Volt Batteries (8) Black Polyurethane Coated Gloves (1 pair) Finding Treasure State by State Guide. Treasure / Tool Pouch. Lockback Folding Knife. 9 Bulb LED Flashlight. Trial Subscription to Lost Treasure Magazine.

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