NEW Lone Star Metal Detector (2-Way Radios & Scanners)


Product Information

Most children, at one point or another, embark on a treasure hunt. They dig in the sand at the beach, or in the flower boxes at home, hoping to find a pirate’s booty, an Egyptian King’s tomb, or a lost toy. As children grow, the meaning of treasure evolves from mythical wooden chests stuffed with gold into more commonplace articles, but the hunt maintains that sense of adventure. For those who covet treasures of the metal variety, Bounty Hunter offers their Lone Star metal detector. Those individuals who prize Mother Earth also benefit from the detector, redirecting littered cans to the recycling bin.

8″ Interchangeable, Waterproof Search Coil

  • 3 Modes Of Operation: All-metal, Discrimination & Auto-notch
  • 3-tone Audio Discrimination
  • Touch Pad Selection
  • Sensitivity Control
  • Detects Coin-size Objects Up To 8″ Deep
  • Larger Objects Up To 3 Ft
  • .25″ Headphone Jack
  • 5-year Limited Warranty.

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