OUTAD 730 Pinpointer Metal Detector, Fully Waterproof


Product Information

Thank you for choosing OUTAD Pinpointer Metal Detector.The simple to use design modern electronics make it easy to locate elusive targets in any environment including glass mud dirt sand, black sand, even fresh or salt water.

Care & Maintanance
-Your is a sentive electronic instrument. Although it is rugged, care in transporting and handing will extend its life and result in optimum performance.
-When “OUTAD Pinpointer Metal Detector” is off there is no drain on the battery. However, if stored for long periods of time. We recommend that the batery be removed to peevent damage to the detector due to s potential battery leak
-Aways use high quality batteries such as alkaline or nickel metal hydride(NIMH)

Detection type: pulse induction
Search mode: all metal
Power: standard 9 voltage battery ( battery not included)
Battery type: Ni-MH battery
The chemical composition of the battery: AB5
Battery Milliampere: 200MAH
Battery voltage: 9V
Size: 13.8 x 1.4 x 1.4 inch
Weight: 8.7oz
Color: Black

Package Includes
-1x Metal Detector
-1x Holster
-1x User manual

OUTAD 730 Pinpointer Metal Detector, Fully Waterproof Microprocessor Automatic Tuning Metal Detector with Pulse Induction Vibra-Probe, Instructions Included(Black)

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