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This MD-3006 underground metal detector, which has such good characteristics as accurate orientation, good discrimination ability, operation at Very Low Frequency (VLF), easy operation and so on, is mainly used to detect and discriminate metal goods which are underground. It is also a great equipment for adults and youth to have gold finding. It is widely used in such fields as safe-exam; ancient relics investigation, mine detection, industrial product exam and relics seek. It is a detecting instrument easy to operate and take.
Safe-exam; Ancient Relics Investigation, Mine Detection, Industrial Product Exam and Relics Seek
1. Waterproof Search Coil – lets you use the detector in the shallow water.
2. Adjustable Stem – lets you adjust the detectors’ length for comfortable use.
3. Adjustable Arm Rest – minimize strain on your forearm.
1. Power: 3 x 9V (6F22)
2. Frequency: 7.6 KHz
3. Current: Standby: 30mA
Max: 50mA
4. Voltage: 18V
5. Operating Temperature: 0 degree centigrade to +40degrees centigrade
6. Sensitivity: Magnet ring: 50mm in VLF
US 25 Cent/ One Hong kong Coin: 50mm in TR1
US 25 Cent/ One Hong kong Coin: 50mm in TR2
7. Indication Mode: Sound Mode
Mechanical Indicator Mode
8. Stretch Length: 33.9-44.9 inches
9. Detector Diameter: 7.9 inches
10. Color: Black
11. Weight: 1.26kg
12. Size: 36.2~47.6(L) × 7.9(W) × 7.3(H) inches
13. Package Weight: 2.2kg
14. Package Size: 28.3(L) × 9(W)×5.9(H) inches

Pro Detector MD-3006 Treasure Hunting Metal Detectors for Starter Learners

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  • Headphone Jack - provided for headphone connection. Both stereo and mono headphone can be used (not supplied).
  • Volume Control - for adjusting the output volume to the speaker and headphone.
  • Batteries Test - lets you test the conditions of the batteries in the battery compartment.
  • View meter and Pointer - shows the probable type of metal being detected. A separate view meter shows the conditions of the batteries.
  • Three-Tone Audio Differentiation - makes target identification easier. 3 distinctive tones sound for different types of metals.