Pro Detector MD-9020C Hobby Upgraded Metal Detectors


Product Information

Product Description:
This MD-9020C LCD Underground Metal Detector owns a patented LCD display technology. It can do accurate target, item pinpointing and adjust detecting mode. Its LCD display can help the user to detect metal at night. To obtain maximum performance, the detector is versatile and easy to use with LCD.
1. Treasure Hunting
2. Archaeological Exploration
3. Pipe and Iron Detection, Recycling
4. Custom Inspection, Security Check
5. Material Detection
1. Mode – Mode 1 (factory default) is set up originally for low speed researching when you switch on. This fast researching mode may reduce detection accuracy.
2. Speaker – use water-proof loudspeaker.
3. Headphone Jack – Provided for headphone connection. Both stereo and mono headphone can be used.
4. Volume Control – For adjusting the output volume to the loudspeaker or headphone.
5. Adjustable Stem – Lets you adjust the detector’s length for comfortable use.
6. Armrest & Stem – extra thickened handle and the red and black color brings a direct visual effects. Designed to eliminate strain on forearm. Armrest belt made of nylon to further strength the detector stay hold.
1. Power: 6 x 1.5V AA
2. Frequency: 7.5 KHz
3. Current: Standby: 40mA
Max: 110mA
4. Voltage: 7.2-9.6V
5. Operating Temperature: -20 degrees centigrade to +60 degrees centigrade
6. Sensitivity: US 50 Cent: 200mm
7. Indication Mode: LCD Mode
Sound Mode
8. Stretch Length: 23-31 inches
9. Detector Diameter: 8.3 inches
10. Color: Yellow
11. Weight: 1.1kg
12. Size: 21.3(L)×13.6(W)×5.9(H) inches
13. Package Weight: 1.9kg
14. Package Size: 22(L) × 14.2(W) × 6.7(H) inches

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  • Fully Automatic and All Metal Detectors - The detector detects all kinds of metal objects. Unless you have set for some objects that you don't want to detect.
  • LCD - The LCD, it improve to identify the metal in night or caliginous outside. Use a new display mode with patented technology. Additional automatic BG color adjusting system to further insure the LED works better in function of resolution ratio during day and night. More importantly save power. The BG color can be ordered from white.
  • Display - The object responses in a more direct pointing way on the screen with three different sound frequency classifying the different kinds of metals. Position targeting: the signal on the screen will flash toward the middle when approaching the object.
  • Panel Surface Abrasion Resistance - the panel is made of a material with surface abrasion resistance that ensure the LED well works.
  • High Brightness LED Flashlight - Additional flash holder for night searching, use high brightness LED flashlight.