Pyle PHMD53 Metal Detector with Headphone Jack


Product Information

The Pyle PHMD53 is a fully featured and easy-to-use Metal Detector. Locate precious metals, coins and other treasures buried underground with features like a waterproof submergible search coil, (10) level adjustable sensitivity and discrimination controls, built-in speaker with ‘Ping’ detection alerts, headphone jack, automatic ground balance for accuracy, and target ‘Pin-Point’ detection ability. Battery operated, requires (6) x ‘AA’ batteries.

Price: $89.98

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  • Fully Featured and Easy-to-Use Metal Detector - Locates Precious Metals & Treasures Buried Underground
  • Effectively Finds Gold, Silver, Iron, Coins, Jewelry and More - Control Box with Depth Sensitivity Indication
  • Target 'Pin-Point' Detection Ability - Length Adjustable (41''- 51.'') - Comfortable Arm Support and Grip
  • 8.0'' inch, Concentric Waterproof Submergible Search Coil - Built-in Speaker with Detection 'Ping' Alerts
  • Battery Operated: Requires: 6 'AA' Batteries (Not Included) - Adjustable Discrimination & Sensitivity Control
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Pyle PHMD53 Metal Detector with Headphone Jack