Teknetics G2 Metal Detector


Product Information

* Exellent for finding Coins, Relics, Jewelry, and Gold Nuggets

* Extremely Deep and Sensitive Even on the Smallest Targets

* Ergonomic, Lightweight, & Regged for all day tireless hunting

* Discrimination & Auto-Tune Modes for multi-purpose hunting of all kinds

* Computerized Ground Grab & Manual Balance for the deepest possible ground penetration

* Continuous Ground Condition Readout makes it easy to balance (and monitor ground changes on-the-fly)

* Independent Threshold & Gain at your fingertijps for simple adjustment

* 1-99 Target I.D. for the ultimate target resolution

* 2-Tone V.C.O. audibly lets you know the probable depth and target composition

* The Highest Sensitivity to the smallest Gold and Silver Targets at extreme depths

Price: $669.00

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  • Professional use for coins, jewelry, and gold
  • Tone discrimination mode
  • Features 19 sensitivity levels
  • 1-touch ground balance
  • Constant mineralization readout
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Teknetics G2 Metal Detector
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