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The Tesoro Cortés’ 2×16 character LCD display will catch your eye as well. This area is the information center of the detector. The top row is an alpha/numeric display that gives a broad indication of your possible target.

The Tesoro Cortés metal detector uses the phase shift of the target to determine the probable target and then looks at the amplitude of the signal to determine the depth. For example: a nickel and a quarter are in the ground and the quarter is deeper than the nickel; if we just went off of amplitude change, the detector may read the two targets as being the same depth.

However, the Tesoro Cortés would show the quarter as being deeper because its phase shift response is different than that of the nickel. The Tesoro Cortés fits metal detector into a package that weighs just less than three pounds.

Price: $716.24

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  • Made in USA - Lifetime Warranty
  • Microprocessor Technology - LCD Display
  • Target Identification - MicroMax Design
  • 9 x 8" Coil - Interchangeable Coils
  • Built-in Mineral Rejection
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Tesoro Cortes Metal Detector
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