Tesoro Vaquero Metal Detector


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Vaquero is the Spanish word for cowboy. When we think of hard work and the ability to take on any kind of tough job, we think of the cowboys of the old west. The main part of the Tesoro Vaqueros versatility is its three and three-quarters manually adjusted ground balance. This will give the detectorist the power to set up his machine to best suit the mineralization conditions that he is working in and his personal treasure hunting style.

The Tesoro Vaquero adds an ED180 discrimination feature to filter the trash from the treasure and a Push Button Pinpoint that makes digging up the goodies that much easier. The discriminate knob is also used to switch into a threshold-based All Metal Mode.

Price: $446.25

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  • Designed as an all-around metal detector
  • Lifetime Warranty - Made In USA
  • 3-Piece Knockdown Pole - 9x8 Monolithic Coil
  • Ultra-lightweight Design - All Metal & Discriminate
  • VLF 14 kHz Frequency - One Drop-in 9V Battery - 3 3/4 Turn External Ground Balance
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Tesoro Vaquero Metal Detector
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