Treasure Cove Fortune Finder Metal Detector (Model: TC-1020)


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Enjoy a relaxing and fun hobby with the Fortune Finder 1020 Metal Detector. Great entry level detector that is perfect for coin hunting, relics, jewelry, and gold and silver. It features three distinctive alerts for different types of metal, ferrous/non-Ferrous discriminator distinguishes iron/steel from silver/gold. One-Touch auto-tune and very low frequency design for accurate detection.

Price: $109.80

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  • Discrimination Mode: Sensitivity can be manually adjusted to ignore ferrous metal set to just ignore nickel zinc and copper, or set to ignore most metal objects except silver
  • Tone Mode: Detector can discriminate the metal type with a high or low tone
  • All Metal Mode: Detector can be used to search for all kinds of metal objects
  • Target Mode: Pinpoint the exact location of the already detected object with accuracy
  • Adjustable metal shaft. Analog Display. Headphone Jack (headphone not included)
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Treasure Cove Fortune Finder Metal Detector (Model: TC-1020)