Treasure Cove Fortune Finder Platinum Digital Metal Detector


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Spend hours of relaxing fun with this Fortune Finder Digital Metal Detector Set Model TC-3020 by Treasure Cove. The Treasure Cove “Fortune Finder Platinum” didtal metal detector is an updated model with with updated technology and a deeper reach. The TC-3020 includes everything that you need to get started searching for buried treasure.

It features a large LCD digital display, showing metal type and depth. Three distinctive alerts for different types of metal Ferrous/non-ferrous discriminator distinguishes iron/steel from silver/gold.

Comes with sand sifter. carrying case, and headphones. Great exercise and great fun!

Treasure Cove Fortune Finder Platinum Digital Metal Detector Set (Model: TC-3020)

Price: $179.99

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  • PACKED WITH FEATURES: The Treasure Cove TC-3020 pro metal detector is loaded with customizable features that budding, and experienced treasure hunters will surely love. It is easy to operate and portable, ensuring hours of enjoyable treasure hunting.
  • LED DISPLAY: Our metal detector features a LED display that enables you to fully customize how you use the metal detector by providing valuable information about the composition and depth of a detected. No more second guessing if you hit the jackpot with this professional feature.
  • GROUND CONTROL FEATURE: Tunes out false signals in areas with profuse minerals or saltwater. This saves you the frustration of getting a ping every few yards only to find out that you were digging for trash.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE TARGETING FEATURES: The Treasure Cove TC-3020 pro metal detector allows you to specifically target iron, steel, silver or gold. Using its "Tone Mode" the detector discriminates metal type using a high or low tone, or just use "All Metal Mode" to detect any metal object underground. "Target Mode" on the other hand pinpoints the exact location of an object to within inches.
  • 10-YEAR WARRANTY: As a testament to our dedication to quality, the TC-3020 platinum metal detector kit comes with an industry-leading 10-year product warranty. Enjoy your metal detector knowing your purchase is protected.
  • COMPLETE KIT: This unit comes with all you need for a hassle-free metal detection. It contains a padded headphone with a 6-foot long chord, carrying case and a sand-sifting scoop. The included headset helps eliminate background noise, like people or ocean waves, so that you can focus on your treasure hunting.
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