Treasure Cove Fortune Finder Platinum Digital Metal Detector


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Spend hours of relaxing fun with this Fortune Finder Digital Metal Detector Set Model TC-3020 by Treasure Cove. The Treasure Cove “Fortune Finder Platinum” didtal metal detector is an updated model with with updated technology and a deeper reach. The TC-3020 includes everything that you need to get started searching for buried treasure.

It features a large LCD digital display, showing metal type and depth. Three distinctive alerts for different types of metal Ferrous/non-ferrous discriminator distinguishes iron/steel from silver/gold.

Comes with sand sifter. carrying case, and headphones. Great exercise and great fun!

Treasure Cove Fortune Finder Platinum Digital Metal Detector Set (Model: TC-3020)

Price: $179.99

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  • ALL-METAL MODE OR DISCRIMINATE BETWEEN METAL TYPES : You choose. DISCRIMINATION MODE allows the sensitivity to be adjusted to distinguish betwen metal types such as ferrous metals (iron), nickel zinc and copper, or ignore most metal objects except silver. Detects gold and silver. ALL METAL MODE Allows you to detect all metal types rather than discrminating. This allows you to detect metal at greater depths. You may detect more junk metal with this setting but also may detect more treasures.
  • Three discrimination modes / Notch discrimination: ignores junk metals and finds just the metal types you are searching for
  • Three Audio Tones: "Low" for nails, bottle caps or nickels. "Medium" for gold, zinc or copper. "High" for brass or silver
  • 8-inch open-face waterproof search coil for hunting in muddy conditions or in shallow water
  • Target Mode: Pinpoint the exact location of the already detected object with accuracy
  • Ground control prevents false signals in locations with abundant minerals
  • COMPLETE SET: Metal Detector, sand-sifting scoop. headphones, carrying bag, manual
  • 2-YEAR Manufacturers Limited Warranty