TX-1001 KingDetector Hand Held Security Pinpointer Metal


Product Information

This is a high performance hand held metal detector designed to meet the requirements of the security industry. The special design of its detecting area provides this model with very high sensitivity. It is easy use, made of durable materials, and portable. Typical uses would include body search for offensive weapons in crowd control situations, airport and border security, checking parcels and letters for metal objects and anywhere else that hidden metal needs to be detected. It can be charged with an AC adapter (not included) and has a built-in low battery indicator, LED with buzzer or vibration alarm. This is a great all around security type detector.

TX-1001 KingDetector Hand Held Security Pinpointer Metal Detector Wand

Price: $29.97

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  • Detects all kinds of metal both ferrous and non-ferrous
  • Alarm indicator via buzzer and LED or vibration and LED
  • Adjustable sensitivty
  • Low battery indicator