Universal metal detector shaft MarsMD for Garrett / Minelab /


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Thanks to ergonomic solutions that have been implemented in the construction of the MarsMD universal shaft, you will feel more comfortable and will be more effective when hunting with your metal detector. The main advantages of the MarsMD shaft are versatility, reliability and compactness during transport. The list of metal detectors compatible with MarsMD universal shaft: Universal Adapter Plate Mount: GARRETT: ACE 150/200/250/300/350/400, АТ Pro, AT Gold; FISHER: F2, F4, F5, Gold Bug, F11, F22, F44; WHITE’S: Coinmaster, Coinmaster Pro, Prizm 3/4/5/6; TESORO: Cibola, Vaquero, Golden uMax, Outlaw, Silver uMax; TEKNETICS: Eurotek, EurotekPro, Alpha 2000, Delta 4000, Gamma 6000, Omega 8500, Digitek; BOUNTY HUNTER: Discovery 1100/2200/3300, Gold, Titanium, Quick Draw Pro, Lone Star Pro, Land Ranger Pro. Detector Stand Mount: XP METAL DETECTORS: Adventis 2, ADX 150, G-Maxx 2, Gold Maxx Power. PLEASE NOTE! Mounting some metal detectors (Garrett, White’s) on the MarsMD universal shaft implies slight modifications of their construction that should be carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions. These modifications don’t affect the metal detector operation, but are irreversible.

Universal metal detector shaft MarsMD for Garrett / Minelab / Whites / Fisher / Tessoro /

Price: $145.00

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  • ergonomic
  • comfortable
  • solid
  • compactness
  • Lighted weigh
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Universal metal detector shaft MarsMD for Garrett / Minelab /