X-Terra 705 Dual Pack Metal Detector


Product Information

The X-TERRA 705 is the most advanced and versatile ADVENTURE detector configured especially for coin, treasure and artifact hunting. The ultimate all-purpose X-TERRA 705 is very easy to use. Thanks to the dedicated Coin & Treasure and Prospecting modes, just choose what you would like to search for and then start detecting. With iron mask discrimination and automatic ground balance tracking functions, you will be recovering more gold nuggets using this specialized gold pack configuration. With a large backlit LCD screen you can easily see all the important information needed to identify the coins, artifacts and jewelry you have detected. With the most accurate discrimination and maximum depth of the X-TERRA series, Target ID Stability and many ground balance options, you will be recovering more valuable finds than you can possibly imagine. This lightweight ergonomically designed detector gives you better handling for long periods of time. The adjustable shaft and armrest allow you to setup your detector for maximum comfort. The standard 7.5 kHz 9 in. concentric waterproof coil is best for most coin and artifact hunting. The supplied 18.75 kHz 10 x 5 in. Double-D water resistant coil is best for gold prospecting. Both are standard with the 705 dual pack.

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